Behind the window - (color)

The streets are filled with scenes offered to the eyes - sieve between privacy and passer-by.
White veiled altars where the favorite performers are often plants, sometimes pampered, often forgotten, withering or dead.
There are also vases with or without flowers, bouquets received and set aside - covered with dust, they mummify.
Everything can be found, sometimes the weirdest objects.
The dirt, the insects trapped in cobwebs have a main featuring in these decors.
And what to say about the reflections sometimes annoying or welcome according to the angle of which they are observed.
It takes a bit of audacity to photograph this "art brut" because it is prohibited. Reprobations and invectives are common.
The windows are seducers that one does not have the right to scrutinize.
I am attracted by these abandoned scenes where ooze despair and melancholy...